Tomtom's Pro 4000 and 8000 GPS Units Come with Support Package

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Tomtom has just come up with a suite of GPS systems for the "mobile workforce" dubbed the Pro series. The first units are the Pro 4000 and Pro 8000, and while the hardware is essentially unchanged from non-Pro models, there are a few tweaks. Firstly the software has a "menu lock" option, that's supposed to lower distractions and improve driving safety, the maps come with a free update that's to be used within a year, and there's a PIN lock to protect your data. Secondly the support package comes with a two-year extended warranty and a dedicated customer service line. The 8000 also has advanced IQ navigation, which plans routes using actual average drive times, and voice address-input and Bluetooth handsfree calling. The 4000 is out for $330 and the 8000 for $460. [Navigadget]



@aussie: Really? That sucks. I have a TomTom (I'm in the US) and I love it. It's not perfect but it's one of the better ones, it gets a satellite signal really fast. I've used Garmin and waiting for it to link up was just too slow.

One feature I'd like for these GPS manufacturers to come up with is multiple address with most efficient routes. Tell me which one to go to first and then all the destinations after. Say for workers doing a bunch of deliveries, I'd want TomTom to figure out what the efficient way is to get from one location to the next location to the next location without me having to go and map it out and figure it out for the device. Why is this feature still not there? I could see even UPS guys using it then, load up all your addresses and let it guide you to where you're going.