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Tonight is arguably the most important Republican debate yet. Hosted in Miami, Florida by CNN, it’s the last one before the critical March 15th primaries. We can expect Trump, Cruz, Rubio, and even Kasich to all come out swinging.

March 15th is when Republicans in strategically crucial swing states like Florida and Ohio will decide who they’d like to see nominated. If Kasich doesn’t win in Ohio, and Rubio in Florida, they’ve each got a very tough road ahead.


The debate starts at 8:30pm Eastern time, 5:30pm Pacific time, and at least Mussolini made the trains run on time. The debate airs on CNN and cordcutters can watch on and various mobile apps.

But here are some important things to look out for tonight:

The nuanced language and posture of each candidate.

Each candidate’s stated position on national security.

Dangerous rhetorical slip ups that could tilt the public’s perception.

Cruz’s aggressiveness towards Trump.

Rubio’s decision to dial back his negative attacks on Trump.

Underhanded compliments.

Zest for life from any of the four potential nominees.

Illness resulting from a grueling campaign schedule.

Statements about immigration.

The amount of perspiration coming from each candidate.

Hillary’s tweets during the debate.

Every time Cruz looks directly at the camera.

Zealous fans of establishment candidates in the audience.


Discussion of gun deaths in America and around the world.

International trade agreements.

Any direct attacks on Bernie rather than Hillary.

Cautious wording about deportation of undocumented immigrants.

Killer apps.

Interest in anything besides yelling.

Loud cheers for Kasich on moderate policy positions.


Every time Ted Cruz, a sitting Senator, says the word “establishment”

Racist stuff and all that.

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