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We may earn a commission from links on this page

Tons Of Pics From Doctor Who, New Moon, And Ashley Tisdale's Alien Invasion Movie

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Spoilersplosion! Supernatural season five will feature the greatest twist on its "angel" storyline yet. New Doctor Who set photos reveal a MacGuffin.... from space! There are New Moon pics and Aliens In The Attic/Green Lantern: First Flight clips. Spoilers emulsify.

New Moon:

Here are a few new stills the studio sent us. I think only one of them is actually new. But now, they're all in insanely high res, in case you need a new desktop pattern.


Aliens In The Attic:

We came across a bunch of new clips and TV spots on Youtube, for this High School Musical-meets-Gremlins film, coming out July 31.


And here are a slew of new stills. Could this just possibly be the most hotly anticipated Ashley Tisdale alien movie of the summer? Just possibly! [IGN]

Doctor Who:

As someone pointed out yesterday, there's a reason why the Doctor, Amy and River Song are all hanging out on the beach together in that new scene being filmed. It looks like they're investigating a crashed retro rocket that's still smouldering, with fires around it. Here's a detail from one set pic — see the whole thing, plus other new pics, at the link. [SFX]


And here are some more set pics of the Doctor and Amy, looking extremely fresh-faced and bouncy. More at the link. [Blogtor Who]


So we haven't regaled you with a vague quote about David Tennant's final episodes in a while. Here's Russell T. Davies:

I feel by the time you see the last episodes, especially the great big finally, I think you will feel you've been through almost every emotion that's possible. Of course, that's not true. Of course, there's always something new to explore. If I stayed there a hundred years, I'd always have something new to say... I can promise you, you will be crying your eyes out. We actually sort of finished editing his last episode yesterday and I was so excited. I think it's a joy and I can't wait for you to see it.


You will feel every possible emotion! Even ones with fancy German names! [Starpulse]


In the new season, Dean takes Castiel out on the town for a night out, to loosen the angel up. And wackiness ensues. I am so there. [E! Online]



Some details on the new season's episodes. Episode 1, "A New Day In The Old Town," is about a shapeshifter who continually molds his face, and it's directed by Akiva Goldsman from a script by Goldsman and J.J. Abrams. Episode 2, "Night Of Desirable Objects," is about a mole man living under the town, pulling people underground and eating them. [Fringe Television]



Chloe and Clark will have a strained relationship in season umpteen, although the duo will still work together. [E! Online]



Stargate Atlantis' Paul McGillion will join the cast of this Syfy show, playing a re-imagined version of "Wexford," the character he played in the original online show. He'll appear in the last couple episodes of season two, and possibly in season three if the show gets renewed. [Solutions Blog]


Green Lantern - First Flight:

Here are the first four minutes of the direct-to-DVD animated movie. [MTV via Comic Book Resources]


True Blood:

Next week, Sookie heads off to the Fellowship Of The Sun to find out what happened to Godric. Bill's quite worried about her safety, and Anna Paquin says Sookie's the type to save the day or "die trying." [E! Online]


Defying Gravity:

This "Grey's Anatomy in space" show also does have some surface similarities to Ron Moore's Virtuality. One character even gets almost blown out an airlock, and there's a sinister entity orchestrating events — the secret villain is called Beta, but it's probably not a virtual crazy guy. And this show is a bit more light-hearted. [E! Online]