Top 10 Super Bowl Ads, According to TiVo Eavesdroppers

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Whether we like it or not, TiVo receives second-by-second audience measurement data about what its users watch, and that was no exception during Sunday's Super Bowl. That's how the company came up with its top 10 list of commercials, as measured by the amount of trick play features (rewind, fast-forward, and pause of live television) used during each commercial.


So here they are, the Top 10 most viewed commercials by TiVo subscribers, complete with embedded video:

1. Bud Light: Language Course with Carlos Mencia

2. Bud Light: Rock Paper Scissors

3. FedEx: Don't Judge

4. Nationwide: Kevin Federline Rollin' VIP

5. Doritos Crash the Super Bowl


6. CareerBuilder: Office Jungle

7. Blockbuster: Mouse


8. Doritos Crash The Super Bowl: Checkout Girl

9. Chevrolet: Everybody Loves a Chevy


10. Schick: Quatro Science

Apparently the sample of 10,000 anonymous TiVo households didn't agree with our assessment of the best Super Bowl commercials. But the results did jibe with many of our enthusiastic commenters, obviously a stellar group with their fingers on the pulse of the Zeitgeist of the U.S. heartland. Or something.


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1. Give me a break, Mencia doing his washed up routine =/= funny.. I'm surprised he didn't start the commercial with a disclaimer saying how "offensive" he is or start yelling "Dee Dee dee".

2. That was ok.. I chuckled abit, but I think I've seen a similar ad before where someone gets a cell phone thrown at their face, just like this.

3. Almost as bad as the Ned Mencia one.

4. Been watching that all week on the Internet.. 5.1 & HD made it even better. Glad K-fed's got a funny bone in him.

5. That was kinda funny. The crash & the chick tripping face first into the door was funny.. I Didn't care for the CG Doritos flying up after she did that though :)

6. Pretty funny.. My wife works in an office, so she loved them.. She loved that Emeralds nuts one the most though.

7. Can't go wrong with animals. I laughed at it.

8. Not funny.

9. Annoying

10. Chuckled at it the first time I saw it.. like a year ago?