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Yeah, believe it or not, computer hardware and software developers mess up sometimes.


A recent list includes flops from major players like IBM, Apple, Microsoft and Xerox. Take the NeXT supercomputer. It was a UNIX supercomputer that cost $6,000 but didn't have any software to actually run the thing. Then there's the Apple 3 that cost $7,800 and wasn't designed with an internal fan. And don't even get us started on the Windows ME.

The most amazing thing is that these companies, for the most part, brushed themselves off and lived to flop another day. Hit the jump for a complete list, and let us know what it's missing. coms aren't even mentioned. They still sting a little too much.

10 Biggest Computer Flops of All Time [via digg]

1. The Xerox Alto
2. NeXT computer
3. IBM PCjr
4. Apple Newton
5. Apple 3
6. Apple Lisa
7. Microsoft Windows ME
8. Microsoft Bob
9. IBM OS/2
10. Gary Kildall's CP/M


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