Toshiba Portege High-Resolution Windows Mobile 6 Smartphone Unboxed

We've seen the Toshiba G900 Windows Mobile 6 smartphone work its way past the FCC already, but Matt from Tracy and Matt have an unboxing of the 800x400-enabled touchscreen phone up now. They compare it to similar HTC phones and Samsung WM phones and pretty much come out with the conclusion that this is gigantic. We wish they'd fire up the screen so we can see what that huge resolution looks like, but that'll be in the next video. Hopefully.

Toshiba Portégé G900 unboxed and compared [Tracy and Matt]


My e740's (I had one with WiFi and one with BT) were total junkers. Toshiba has a habit of releasing devices that are so bad that it just ignores any cries for support on them. The e740 was one of those products. From what I've read online the troubles with the G900 are so bad that people are returning them after a few days.

For example: