Touch Screen Netbooks With Windows 7 On The Way From Acer, MSI?

In two separate pieces, DigiTimes reports that MSI wants to be first with Intel Pine Trail-M netbooks (likely with Windows 7), and that Acer plans to launch three touch-enabled products along with the OS: Could a netbook be amongst them?

An Acer product manager is quoted saying "touch-enabled netbooks may see good market acceptance if they are to be marketed as cheaper alternatives to tablet PCs." Unfortunately, the report doesn't make it clear whether such a netbook is one of the three initial Windows 7 products or not. Either way, we know at least one: the Aspire Z5600 multi-touch all-in-one PC.


Meanwhile, Though Intel has apparently postponed Pine Trail-M to the first quarter of next year, DigiTimes says MSI intends to launch the platform ahead of schedule—in netbooks expected to run Windows 7 and have touch screens. No time frame was given, but we'll keep you posted. [DigiTimes]

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