Touch Sight Camera Lets the Blind Take Pictures, Sort Of

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When you're born blind, there are a few things you probably don't expect to do: become an airline pilot, use a camera and type on the iPhone, to name a few. Chueh Lee, a designer at Samsung in China wants to remedy that second one with his Touch Sight camera design, which instantly creates a Braille-like relief image on a dynamic Braille display to be felt, saved and even traded with other Touch Sight users. In addition, the camera records three seconds of sound after the image is taken, which helps impaired-vision users navigate through libraries of saved pictures. Chueh Lee claims that using their unusually acute sense of hearing, visually impaired individuals will be able to effectively target their photographic subject, and that placing the camera on their forehead will render the best results. It may look slightly hilarious, but bringing a previously inaccessible tools and hobbies to people who were previously denied them puts this design concept head and shoulders above most of the mockups we see floating around the tubes. Hopefully Mr. Lee can get a little backing from his pals at Samsung to see this one through. [Yanko]