Touching Dozens of Beautiful Japanese Cellphones

I'm in Tokyo, and I've been avoiding gadgets. After all, I'm supposed to be on vacation. But today Lisa took me to Akiba, and I ended up running through a dozen stores, groping over 50 handsets. I've written about some, like the incredibly simple Wilcom R9, glowing Sony Ericsson w43s and walkman-like w42s. But gripping the alien tech live was unexpectedly incredible. Here's a video of the most gorgeous handsets I could find.

Japan [Gizmodo]

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Wow! Such a treat! Thnx, this is way better than the VictoriaS. show :P

Wish you've encountered more FOMA series phones Brian, like the gorgeous:…

I'd consider to move to Japan just to get my hands on couple of these beauties. *sigh