Translating Bat Speech, Leftover Bacon Candles, and More of the Best of Treehugger

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Burning bacon candles? Billboards that translate bat calls? Pod cars at airports? We have a whole lot of funky design ideas, as well as apps, hacks for digital cameras and more this week on TreeHugger.


1. Podcars Running At London's Heathrow Airport
Modern Personal Rapid Transit, or PRT or podcars, are finally being put to use in London's Heathrow Airport.

2. Android App Locates Endangered Species Wherever You Are
Are you about to step on an endangered species? This app lets you know.

3. Hack a Digital Camera Into a Kids' Toy with Sugru
There's a lot you can do with Sugru, but this one takes the cake — build a camera that is kid proof (or drunk photowalk-proof).

4. Blog Debunks 13-Year-Old's Solar Power Breakthrough
Last week we thought a kid figured out a brilliant solution for solar power. This week, not so much.

5. NASA Reveals the First Complete Map of Antarctic Ice Flows (Video)
NASA has released a map of Antarctica's complete ice flow. It is the first of its kind to show the speed and direction of ice flow on the continent, with glaciers flowing from the center out to the coast.
6. Billboard Houses Bats and Translates Their Speech, Tells Us What's Up
It will either make you less creeped out by bats… or even more creeped out.

7. Scientist Creates Cheap, Effective Medical Tools From Old Toys (Video)
Old toys rarely get a second chance for a new life. Most of them head to landfill without a second glance. But Jose Gomez-Marquez of MIT has come up with a way to hack old toys into medical devices for dealing with everything from diabetes to dengue fever, providing cheap solutions for developing nations all while reusing existing products.


8. Wearable Solar Panels To Revolutionize Mobility for Armies
Australia's army is testing out wearable solar panels that could make soldiers far more mobile without giving up access to plenty of electricity.

9. The Bacon Candle: Your Life May Depend On It
It's The End Of The World As We Know It. What are you going to do? Your flashlight batteries are dead. Hell, your candle wax is even running low. All you have left to eat is bacon. Well, at least there are worse ways to die. But wait ... A burned-out candle. Bacon leftovers. What? Behold the bacon candle.


10. 5 Reasons Why Going Solar is About More Than Just Money
It's time to consider the less tangible benefits of installing solar on your home.



I had no idea that bats were so sophisticated...but these days even cobras have Twitter accounts.