Transparent OLED On the Way

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It's hard to wrap your head around at first, but there are a zillion innovations that will be possible now that German scientists have figured out how to make organic LEDs that are transparent. The most obvious application is to incorporate them into conventional LCDs and "transform laminated glass into a display panel." OLEDs could also be combined with TFT screens for similar uses.

Thus, the researchers are considering to integrate additional functions directly in displays, such as highlighted areas or flashing warning symbols. By combining the two types, it becomes possible to concentrate a higher density of information content within the same surface area. Project partner Optrex Europe GmbH located near Frankfurt has already produced demonstration models of the hybrid display.

With transparency, a display could be illuminated from the back or front. That means the OLEDs could be embedded into laminated glass—that means a car windshield, or even the windows in an office building, could offer a clear view out but also be turned into display panels when needed. Fascinating stuff, no idea how long until we see these on the market. They are still perfecting the manufacturing process for larger surfaces, so expect to see it in handheld devices first.


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