Travel Inside The Horrifying Mind Of A Cyborg Killer, In "Offline"

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A rogue scientist goes inside the mind of a cyber-soldier to try and reprogram him and redeem his humanity, in the independent film Offline, from director Matthew Santoro. The trailer, featuring stark dystopian visuals and nightmarish distortions, is below.

Santoro was a senior visual effects artist on movies like Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem and Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer. But Offline looks like it has the potential to be way better than either of those films, thanks to its weird, off-kilter visual style. Here's the trailer, which Santoro told Slashfilm he made to raise interest (and money) for a feature-length film:


Here's the plot synopsis for Offline, which I'm really hoping does get made into a feature film:

"The future is not some place we are going to, but one we are creating."

In this future, the world is dying a slow and ugly death. In an effort to cope or perhaps out of pure denial, humanity has become increasingly obsessed with mass media.

The Internet has evolved into an all-consuming visceral experience where every one's perception of the world around them is fully customized. The brown smog in the sky can be easily ignored when a beautiful sunset is projected through your optic nerve, courtesy of the Naneuron Corporation.

But like all systems there are glitches. Someone or something is disrupting the feed; a Ghost in the machine. A group of extremists have risen up, led by young man named Maro. Defiant and charismatic, he has seemingly endless promise until he unexpectedly surrenders.

All enemies of the state are processed for reprogramming. Those like Maro who are physically and mentally gifted enough are transformed into counter-terrorism soldiers. His memories are erased. His body is enhanced. His humanity is destroyed. Maro has become the perfect weapon.

Until he begins communicating with the glitches, hearing whispers that lead him on a journey through the depths of his own subconscious. Trapped in the midst of a hellish nightmare, he must find a way to regain his identity and take down the system once and for all. But at what price comes freedom?


The movie's official website is here.