Travel Tip: Don't Write a Bad Online Review of the Hotel You're Currently Staying In

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If you're staying in a miserable hotel, you're entitled to post a bad review of it. But as a British couple recently learned, you should probably wait until you're checked out to write it. Or they'll check you out forcefully.


Adrian Healey and girlfriend Sherrie Andrews, both 33, were taking a vacation to resort town Blackpool, England, where they booked a room at the Golden Beach Hotel. It was Andrews' first vacation since having been diagnosed with cancer some 18 months earlier.

On their first night there, Healey recounted to a local paper, they were denied access to their room because it was being re-carpeted. They say they didn't complain, though they did ask for an extra towel.

On the second night, the manager stormed into their room, accused them of writing a negative review on the travel site, and threatened to call the police. The police soon arrived, and the couple was asked to leave the property. The police encouraged them to look into getting a refund, but the hotel would not comply.

What's unclear from USA Today's report of the incident is if Healey and Andrews did indeed write the review in the first place. Or why the manager suspected they had penned it. Perhaps a reference the aforementioned re-carpeting inconvenience? A strange tale, to be sure, but one that can serve as a parable: Always talk shit behind establishments' backs. [USA Today]


I'm A Different Bird

So they might have wrote a bad review of your hotel... while they're still your guests? And instead of taking the golden opportunity you have to change their minds, you call the police to escort them from their room, thus creating a perfect storm of asshattery that would blow all over worldwide newspapers and the internet, and show the world just what colossal pieces of shit you are?

Yeah, totally sounds like the smart thing to do for me. I'm sure that the assholes who run the Golden Beach Hotel of Blackpool, England will now lose so much less business than they would have from a single negative review on TripAdvisor. I can see no way this plan could go wrong.