Treasure-hunting after the apocalypse, with mutants and zombie sharks

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Gerard Butler is set to team up with Antoine Fuqua to star in Afterburn, a movie based on a comic book about treasure-hunters who plunder the Eastern Hemisphere after solar flares turn it into a hellhole full of monsters.

Will this be a good movie? Probably not. But just check out this plot synopsis from a review of the comic's first issue by Geeks of Doom:

Afterburn gives us a look at the Earth one year after half the globe has been devastated by a sudden, massive sun-flare. Paris is burning. Hong Kong is flooding. And our protagonist, a Texan drifter by the name of Jake, is out to make a profit off of it. Jake is a member of an elite team of treasure hunters that makes their living by delving into the ravaged half of the world to retrieve lost items of extreme value for the highest bidder. Aside from the unforgiving terrain, Jake and his team are faced with countless dangers, such as the deformed mutant remnants of the ravaged populace, and, of course, zombie sharks.


Zombie sharks! Add to that the fact that Jake and his crew are apparently grabbing items like the Mona Lisa and the Rosetta Stone, while fighting off the afore-mentioned creatures, and we're in. As long as Gerard Butler announces the name of every city he's visiting in a 300-style roar: "This... is... Paris!" Etc.

I'm just going to say it one more time: Zombie sharks!

The film is being produced by Tobey Maguire and Neal Moritz, with a script by Matt Johnson (Torque) that's being rewritten by Christian Gudegast (A Man Apart). No word yet on who's going to be the ringmaster director for this one. [Deadline]