Tricycles Were Never This Much Fun When You Were a Kid

At one time it was best known for those compact folding scooters embraced by tweens a few years back, but nowadays Razor is making a new name for itself with electric ride-on toys that seem more exciting than getting your drivers license. If the Crazy Cart was any indication, Razor's new Power Rider Tricycle will be more fun than anything with two or four wheels.


There's a set of pedals mounted alongside the front wheel, but there's no actual pedaling required to get the Power Rider up to its top speed of nine miles per hour—you just hit the throttle and go. A pair of free-spinning caster wheels at the back let the rider spin, drift, and do all kinds of stunts that probably require a helmet for safety's sake.

The $180 Power Rider needs about twelve hours of outlet time to recharge, but when it's topped off you can expect to ride for a solid 40 minutes. That's generally longer than most kids need to get bored of something, but that's probably not going to be a problem here. [Razor via 7Gadgets]

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