Triggertrap Commands Cameras to Take Photos In Reaction to Pretty Much Anything

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The man behind some of the internet's most inventive camera tricks is at it again, this time with Triggertrap. While you can't buy it yet, you can back it on Kickstarter if you like the sound of it.

So what it is? It's basically an Arduino-based trigger-box for any camera model, that can fire a few photos off depending on how you program it. So as the video above explains, if you clap your hands or open a fridge door, that could be the command for the camera's shutter release.

Creators Ziah Fogel and Haje Jan Kamps have a few more ideas for how it could be used, too:

LASER - someone breaks a laser-beam, the camera takes a picture.
SOUND - clap your hands, take a picture. Great for hands-free photography in the studio
TIME - Time lapse photography in the palm of your hand.
EVERYTHING - If the above options don't float your boat, there's an Aux port. If you can find a way of connecting it, you can use it to take photos. The possibilities are as exciting as they are endless.


They're trying to raise a lofty $25,000, which they claim will be enough to develop the Triggertrap, getting it to the point where they can sell finished products, plus DIY kits so you can build your own. With the finished Triggertrap looking to slide in at $75, it also won't matter too much if it gets destroyed when you program it to respond to lightning. Hey, at least your camera will be safe, right? [Kickstarter]