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Trippy 35-Foot Interactive Screens Decorate Microsoft Campus

Illustration for article titled Trippy 35-Foot Interactive Screens Decorate Microsoft Campus

Made from transparent LED tubes, the hanging banner-like screens display Max/MSP-generated visuals that never look the same. A combination of thermal sensors, camera-tracking, weather conditions—even local traffic—all affect how images are mixed in real-time.


The screens hang in each of the four building atriums at Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices division, and were built by design company Mode Studios. It actually seems like a pretty cool work environment, and staff can also stand in a "hot spot" to control the images by waving around or making sound.

A pretty impressive visual work, but for some reason, I keep imagining Steve Ballmer's head popping up there—kind of like a cross between Apple's 1984 ads and Max Headroom. Just saying. [Mode Studios]


The video is a little bit of a pitch fest, but worth flicking through to see how the screen works.

Microsoft Interactive Installation from MODE Studios on Vimeo.

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I imagine this is to prepare the Microsoft staff for when Gates, Ballmer and Bach are uploaded into a Magi-like superintelligent control system, and trap everyone under a giant dome.