Triumph Brings Out Bra-and-Pants Set with Solar Panels (Guess Where the Beverage Dispenser Is)

This bra-and-pants set in astroturf a fetching shade of public-convenience green towelling is, aspazzarently, part of underwear manufacturer Triumph's Autumn-Winter collection. As well as a whacking great panel of photovoltaic cells on the front of it (useful for winterwear, don't you think?) there's an electronic "scoreboard" and a built-in beverage holder (I am not making this up, I swear) that I thought looked more like those gel-filled pouches that the pneumatically-challenged use to boost their cleavage, and that Google Translate was having an off-day. Until I saw the picture of the lay-dee model showing off the gear with a drinking straw tucked down the side of the bra.


From what else I can gather from reading the blurb, Triumph is going into the household energy business. Expect to see a bunch of dome-shaped solar panels on the top of Japanese building soon. [Impress]

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