Tron-Esque Curtains Not Only Cancel Out Noise, They Sample it in Cool Music Mixes For Your Speakers

These noise-cancelling curtains go a step further than the last drapes we saw, as they actually replace all the humdrum from outside with music. Music created from the honks of cars outside!


FutureAcoustic, the designers behind the "adaptive acoustic architecture" use sensors to detect the ambient noise filling the room, and then actually turn them into music that you'd actually want to listen to. It's done in real-time, and can be played through speakers or even headphones if you so desire.

So far, the technology is available in iPhone app form, as a "Sonic Cube" which can be connected to speakers, or in the far-more-awesome "Sonic Curtain." The latter actually has the speakers and circuitry woven into the fabric, and while the prototypes won't match your decor—unless you live in a nightclub, in which I say kudos to you!—it's the best way to rid yourself of all that outside noise. [FastCo]

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