Tron Legacy May Be Only The Beginning

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If rumors are to be believed, Disney are so proud of what they've achieved with the upcoming Tron Legacy that they're already working on the next installment in the series... Except that the next installment won't necessarily be a movie.


Ain't It Cool is reporting a rumor that, if Tron Legacy doesn't flop at the box office this summer, the franchise will expand into television. A source calling themselves the Great Gonzo writes,

[A]pparently (Disney) the top brass is so psyched about Tron: Legacy that they're planning a TV show for 2011 & 2012 (probably for Disney XD). No news on whether it will be animated or live action. They're also already planning another Tron film for 2013.

We hate to admit it, but we'd watch the hell out've a well-made CGI Tron cartoon. Who's got Genndy Tartakovsky's number?

When Will The Full TRON LEGACY Trailer Arrive?? + Is There More TRON In Our Future?? [Ain't It Cool]



Why must everything be a franchise? Whatever happened to telling a story well, ending the story, and moving on?