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TSA Employee Was Busy Pranking Passengers With Fake Bags of Coke Instead of Testing New Security Equipment

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Ah, the old "planting a fake bag of cocaine on a stressed traveler" trick—a classic! A recently released document reveals an idiotic TSA screener who, earlier this year, joked around with fake cocaine instead of doing his job.

The man, whose name has been redacted from the disclosed reports acquired by The Smoking Gun, was supposed to be testing expensive new screening gear from Northrop Grumman at Philadelphia International Airport. But that is totally boring! So the employee filled the time by harassing travelers passing through screening with a bags and vials of creatine—which looks a lot like cocaine.


Was it all in good fun? Sure doesn't sound like it, according to TSG's memos:

As one passenger gathered their belongings (which had just emerged from an X-ray machine), the TSA worker displayed a "small vial of white powder" and asked, "Did this come out of your bag?" When the passenger replied, "No," the officer asked, "Are you sure?" The traveler, according to a TSA memo, said, "Yea, I'm pretty sure," and began to laugh. "Okay, just wanted to make sure. Have a nice flight," the officer replied.


Hilarious! Wait, no just extremely obnoxious, and contrary to the TSA's mission of keeping us safe. And really, just what we're all in the mood for as we plod through airport security for hours on end. As you might expect, many people weren't exactly doubling over with laughter. One woman burst into tears after being questioned regarding the fake coke, prompting another TSA worker to say "Don't do that," at which point he returned to work. The coke jokester was eventually given the boot after complaints reached his superiors, but not before tainting a lot of vacations (and confidence in the TSA). [The Smoking Gun]