Turn Stars and Galaxies into Music with an iPhone App and More from TreeHugger

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This week on TreeHugger, gorgeous OLED light looks like a mobile, computer-planter hybrid makes for an interesting office space, cycle while at your desk with the FitDesk and more.


1. Airdrop Design Pulls Water From Air to Irrigate Deserts
A design that sucks available water from the air and sends it straight to plants' roots.

2. New Design for Wall Socket Fights Old Problem of Vampire Power
This little design wants to solve all your wall socket woes.

3. Plant with Eggbeater-Shaped Hairs Inspires New Waterproof Coating
A water-loving plant holds the clues to creating a new type of waterproof coating for materials thanks to a very unusual characteristic.

4. Computer and Planter Combine for Futuristic Office Setting
Hanging computer and hanging planter in one. Weird? Oh yes, wonderfully so.

5. iPhone App Uses Crowdsourcing To Improve Your Eating Habits
Prepare to be judged for everything you put in your mouth.

6. FitDesk Aims to Keep You In Shape While You Work
And you thought you could just sit there all day…


7. Gorgeous OLED Light Unfolds Like a Mobile
One of the most beautiful designs for office lighting we've seen.

8. MegaPhone Amplifies Your iPhone Without Batteries
You know you want this.

9. iPhone App Creates Music from Stars and Galaxies (Video)
Taking romantic music for geeks to a new level.


10. Electronics To Take Over Holiday Purchases - Sign of Bad Times?
The Consumer Electronics Association sent out a report saying that electronics sales would dominate purchases this holiday season, accounting for as much as one-third of all purchases. Is this actually good?



My question for number 2 is how much electricity the LED in the plug uses vs the 'Vampire' power that's sucked from an empty socket. I know LEDs use little power, but I would think that 'leaking' electricity would use less. I also know these are only on when something is plugged in, but would it counteract the amount of savings if you often leave things plugged in all the time?