Illustration for article titled Turn Your Shameful 8-Track Player Into an iPod Dock You Can Be Proud Of

If you have an old 8-track player you've been holding onto and feel like leapfrogging a few generations of music media altogether, here's a handy guide on turning that old piece of junk into a shiny new iPod dock.


So you're ready to upgrade from 8-tracks to 8000 MP3s, but you want to keep your sound system matching your lava lamp and your bean bag chair. Unplggd's, advice, in short: find a working 8-track and cram a tape adapter all up in that piece.

It's sort of like That 70's Show—you get the novelty of the retro aesthetic without forfeiting the modern familiarities you've grown to love. Somehow I just compared your MP3 collection to Ashton Kutcher. [Unplggd]

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