Illustration for article titled TV in a Card: For All Those Times You Wish Your Card Had a TV in It

TV in a Card is a very literal business. Although not exactly what I'd consider "card" sized, it is a card-shaped document with an embedded video screen that automatically plays when you open it. Does society need this? Maybe!


The company oddly sees their product as being business-geared—dazzle your clients with a tiny surprise video presentation! Instead, this seems like it'd be much more of a hit with, you know, people you care about. Especially older people (grandparents and the like), who may not be savvy enough to use a computer. Every grandparent loves cards, and having a rechargeable message from a son, grandson, or whomever, could put a smile on that old wrinkly face. And any technology that potential makes an old grandpa happy is great to me. [TV in a Card via Geeky Gadgets]

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