TwinMos PMP525: Supports Ogg Vorbis

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Just when you thought the PMP market was crowded enough, here comes the TwinMos PMP525. It's got a 2.5-inch screen with support of up to 4GB of compact flash—not bad. For audio formats, it plays MP3/WMA/OGG Vorbis and for video, MPEG1/2/4. The battery gets 4.5 hours of video playback time, which is enough for two movies and an episode of M*A*S*H.

There's nothing going for this that other similar PMPs don't have except for Ogg support and removable memory. Which are, actually, two fairly nice things to have. Ogg is good if you're some kind of open source/audiophile nut, and removable memory is always good so you can carry around a bunch of CF cards to supplement the one in the player. Swap out when you want to listen to a new set of tunes.

The UI is in English and Chinese in case you want to import it. No word yet on price.


Product Page

TwinMos PMP525 eats CF cards, plays Ogg Vorbis [DAPreview]