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Game of Thrones’ latest season premiers tonight on HBO and you know what that means. HBO Go will crash, you won’t get to watch it tonight, and your Twitter feed will just be pictures of Cersei that are captioned “RIP.” Twitter has offered a reminder about its mute function as well some key terms to add so that you can block yourself from being spoiled.


All it takes is a single name pointedly being tweeted over and over to spoil GoT. Twitter tells the Huffington Post that it was the most tweeted about show of 2016. Missing an important episode means you have a matter of hours before you’ll know what went down. So, the first step to protecting yourself is using Twitter’s mute function. here’s how the basic muting works:

On Desktop

  1. Click your profile icon and choose Settings and privacy.
  2. Find the muted words option in the menu and click it.
  3. Click the big blue “Add” button.
  4. Type what word you want to mute and choose how long you’d like it to remain muted.

You’ll see a list of what you’ve muted and there’s a red button that allows you to un-mute once you’re ready to dive into the conversation.

For mobile devices, there are slight differences depending on which platform you’re using.

Now, what do you mute? Twitter offered a bunch of suggestions based on last year’s most popular terms.

The most tweeted-about “Game of Thrones” characters from Season 6:

  1. Jon Snow
  2. Daenerys Targaryen
  3. Sansa Stark
  4. Arya Stark
  5. Hodor

And these were the most tweeted hashtags from Season 6:

  1. #GameofThrones
  2. #GoT
  3. #GoTSeason6
  4. #DemThrones
  5. #JonSnow

But that’s not going to save you from everything this season. You should add everything you can think of but here are some suggestions:

1. Game of Thrones

2. Cersei Lannister

3. White Walkers

4. Dragons

5. The Wall

6. Winter is Coming

7. HBO

8. Bran Stark

9. Trump (seriously, everyone’s going to be making Trump comparisons.)

Our sister site Lifehacker has some more tips for blocking spoilers in other areas of the web. Filter by WOT is a popular browser extension for blocking keywords. But in my experience, your browser performance takes a hit with these kinds of extensions. The only fool proof method to being spoiler-free is to catch the episode along with everyone else.


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