Ever think of a tweet someone sent weeks or months or years ago, but you just can't find it? Now, according to Wired, Twitter will let you search for those forgotten 140-character messages, without going elsewhere.

Until now, Twitter search has been lacking. If you want to search keywords or hashtags, okay, sure, no problem. But if you want to find an old tweet, you'd have to turn to Topsy or Tweet Machine or another third-party service, or download your archive and sift there there. But you couldn't really find what you needed on Twitter itself. Wired has a deeper dive on how Twitter fixed that. In short, it involved bringing on new engineers, indexing old tweets and those sent out in real-time, and handling that big ol' firehose of information.


The service, which begins rolling out today, can dig up tweets sent back in Twitter's early days, up to those sent just right now. I'm not seeing any change in Twitter just yet or any official announcement from the service itself, but these things usually take some time to get to everyone. The good news is that soon, digging up that bad dad joke you made two years ago is about to get a lot easier. [Wired]

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