Twitter's New BotMaker Cut Spam On The Network By 40 Percent

Illustration for article titled Twitters New BotMaker Cut Spam On The Network By 40 Percent

If you think you're getting less spam on Twitter, you're right. Twitter has just unveiled BotMaker, a system that lets the social network create anti-spam bot code on the fly.


BotMaker can automatically take down pesky spammers, block suspicious links, and flag shady behavior — sometimes, even before the accounts in question have had a chance to send out a single tweet. It's easy for Twitter engineers to set up rules: if an account is blocked by many people after it tweets, for instance, it will be red flagged.

Is it effective? You bet. Twitter says that spam on the network has dropped by 40 percent since BotMaker kicked in.


The social network has an in-depth look at how BotMaker works on its engineering blog, so head over to read more. [The Twitter Engineering Blog]

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