Two Guys Use Excavator In the Wrong Place and Destroy an Entire Port

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The sinkhole that opened the Gates of Hell in Guatemala is nothing compared to the astonishing landslide that destroyed Manaus port, on the Rio Grande riverside. Land liquefied and the river ate it all, humans and their industry included.

This CCTV video shows the catastrophe that happened at the Brazilian port on October 17. It's believed that at least twelve people lost their lives during the disaster. Two of them, the operators of the excavator, were confirmed dead.


According to port owner, José Ferreira de Oliveira, the almost 1,000-foot-long landslide happened when workers were using heavy machinery to build a ramp to connect the port to the Rio Negro. The new ramp was being built because the river level had dropped from 98 feet to 44 feet, taking its shore away from the port side.

Everything went to hell in seconds, with more than fifty containers loaded with electronic and chemical products, trucks and port equipment falling into the black river as concrete and asphalt crumbled without support. The landslide also took a river barge full of diesel oil, according to the authorities, and are still looking for victims. [R7—In Portuguese]