Two New Sony Ericsson Flip Phones Look a Little Stylish and a Lot Boring

Sony Ericsson, the undisputed master of mediocre, semi-stylish dumbphones, has two more leaked handsets for your perusal. One, the SE "Twiggy," is in the Walkman line, while the angular "Bao" seems to be more barebones.

Both leaks are missing any kind of release information, so we don't even know if they'll actually be coming to market. But just in case, the "Twiggy," pictured above, looks like the winner of the two, with a big old touch-sensitive play/pause button on its front and a 3.2MP camera.


The "Bao" sports a diamond design sort of reminiscent of the Nokia Prism series but with hardly anything else to distinguish it. We were hoping the Android "Rachael" might mean Sony's gotten a little more ambitious with its phones, but these don't inspire much excitement. [Boy Genius Report and Softpedia]

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