Two New Sony Gadgets Leak in Promo Image Before IFA

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This is a leaky time of the year for the tech industry. Just today we mentioned LG's new (and circular!) smartwatch was coming and also touched on Microsoft's supposed plans to bring a Chromecast-like device to market. Now, Sony (possibly intentionally) is the one giving us a look at what's coming.


The image up top, posted on a Facebook promo page for the SmartBand (which isn't shown here) shows a 7- or 8-inch tab and a snazzy new smartwatch chilling poolside, obviously an allusion to the brand's waterproof philosophy. The tab could very well be the upcoming Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact, whose existence was leaked last week in a user's manual for a bluetooth speaker charging dock. Now we're getting a full look at the mini tab, which is a completely new size for Sony's tablet lineup.

As if one leak wasn't good enough, the closely cropped individual is also sporting a smartwatch unlike anything we've seen from Sony before. It's hard to see much of the watch in the photo, but considering that we're creeping up on the SmartWatch 2's one-year anniversary, a wrist watch refresh seems likely. Earlier this month, we heard rumors that the Sony SmartWatch 3 was coming and would sport an all-new interface effectively opting out of Android Wear, according to Slash Gear. That will certainly set Sony apart as almost every major hardware manufacturer, including Samsung, Motorola, LG, ASUS, and HTC, are in the works on revealing a new Android Wear-enabled time piece. Whether this rumored bit of smartwatch individuality will play into Sony's favor remains to be seen. [Sony via Android Central]


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