Two Of The Year's Best Comics Dominate This Quiet Week

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It's finally happened: San Diego Comic-Con has broken comics. How else to explain the slim pickings of this week's shipping list? But that actually makes your life easier, because there're two books this week that you simply can't live without.


Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against the collection of Superman & Batman Vs. Vampires & Werewolves — well, other than its name and its ridiculous high concept that's just one step away from adding Abbot and Costello - that's released this week.

And I'm sure that a fair number of people are excited about the collected edition of Voltron: A Legend Forged. Or Boom! Studios' Zombie Tales 2061 (the plot synopsis is in the title, people). Even DC's Fight Club for Superpowered Teenagers Terror Titans is worth picking up, but the fact remains that only two books are downright essential reading this week.

The first is Citizen Rex #1, the beginning of a new series by Love & Rockets' Gilbert and Mario Hernandez. I could try and explain why you must read it, but the official description from publishers Dark Horse does a much better job than I ever could:

Twenty years ago, the most famous, lifelike robot in the world was engulfed in scandal, arrested, and deactivated. Since then, an anti-robot movement has developed, while body modification is in and prosthetic limbs have become hot, black-market items. Stories like these are the stock-in-trade of gossip columnist Sergio Bauntin, whose startling revelations earn him the constant scrutiny of both the mob and the city's mysterious investigators, the Truth Takers. When Sergio catches wind of sightings of the long-missing robot celebrity CTZ-RX, all of these interests will collide in violence and intrigue.

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If you're still not convinced, the preview will change your opinion for the better.


And if that's not enough for you, there's always The Surrogates: Flesh And Bone, the prequel to the original series that's about to be released as what the kids used to call a "major motion picture." We read this back in April and thought it was one of the best things we'd seen in a long time, and that still holds true; easily one of the best SF comics of the year, if not the best, you owe it to yourself to pick this up tomorrow.


If the option of picking up two of the best science fiction comics to come along in years isn't enough for you people, then you should probably consult the complete shipping list from Diamond Comics to see what else will be arriving in stores this week... and then, perhaps, checking out where your local store is, just in case it's moved while you're not looking. After all, if robots can hide amongst human beings unnoticed, who knows what else could happen?!?



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