Two Second Self-Pitching Tent

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This two second self-pitching tent takes the theory of those car window shades that are so hard to close and expands, dramatically. Quechua's tent comes folded up, but when you toss it into the air—preferably not straight up—it deploys into full tent form before it hits the ground. All you need to do is stake the corners. Nifty.

Cleanup is also easy, but takes a bit longer than two seconds. If it weren't for the mosquitos, ants, bears, and our hatred for the outdoors, this might make us go camping.

The two second tent goes for around $83. The last time we pitched a tent in two seconds was back when we were fourteen and Mrs. Donaldson bent to pick up some chalk.


Product page [Quechua via Gizmag via Sci Fi Blog]