U-Verse Wireless Receiver Frees Your TV to Move About the House

While TVs have entrenched themselves in living rooms across the country, sometimes you want to enjoy your favorite shows on the deck, in the garage, or even on the roof. (We're not here to judge.) And come the end of the month, AT&T U-Verse subscribers will be able to move their TVs to any room of the house, without having to worry about access to cable outlets.


The carrier's new U-Verse Wireless Receiver connects to any TV via HDMI or older analog video hookups, receiving standard or high-def television broadcasts that have been re-encoded and streamed over the home's wireless network from the access point. Like the TV itself, the receiver still needs access to a power outlet, but since those are far more plentiful in most homes than cable jacks it allows the whole setup to be easily moved to guest bedrooms, patios and pretty much anywhere you still have access to your home's wireless network. And to ensure you don't get everything moved and setup to what turns out to be a wireless dead zone in your house, the receiver even has a handy signal strength meter on the back so you'll know ahead of time whether it's in range of your Wi-Fi.

The U-Verse Wireless Receiver will be available starting October 31 for a one-time fee of $49, plus an additional $7 per month to cover the rental of the hardware. [AT&T]


As if the picture quality of U-Verse isn't bad enough, now they're re-encoding (recompressing) it again? I can't imagine how bad that picture will look. shudder