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The central guideline of museum going has long been "do not touch." Soon, the Uffizi will flip that rule on its head by allowing visitors to flick and pinch their way through the museum's works of art.

The Uffizi Galley, a museum in Florence boasting one of the world's most famous collections of Renaissance art, is readying touch screen stations where visitors will be able to browse the museum's collection in a Cover Flow-esque format. The stations, dubbed "Uffizi in a Touch," were developed by an Italian company called Centrica and will be loaded with 100-megapixel shots of the Uffizi's most famous works which include Boticelli's The Birth of Venus and Titian's Venus of Urbino.


The novel technology, rolling out in December, will presumably have one of two effects: cheapening the Uffizi's masterpieces or elevating the elusive properly tagged iTunes library to work of art status. [CultofMac]

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