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UFO Hunters Identify 50-Mile "Sheep Mutilation Corridor" In The UK

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Members of the "Animal Pathology Field Unit" in the UK have identified a UFO hotspot in the UK, where locals say the skies are lit up by flashing lights and dozens of sheep have been mutilated by mysterious forces.

Why are the aliens always mutilating cows and sheep? No word on that yet, but at least we've got a better understanding of where the UFOs are likely to hit.


According to The Sun:

Phil Hoyle, 53, who has spent nine years probing the riddle of livestock found killed, said of the night-time spectacle last month: "For a short while it looked more like a Star Wars battle."

Next day he interviewed farmers and "all but one had had some type of unusual disappearance of animals or deaths with strange injuries" . . . The retired steelworker, who lives near Shrewsbury, Shrops, said: "Animals are being clinically and surgically sampled by a highly advanced technology." He and members of his 15-strong team saw the UFOs at work as they spent a night at a Welsh hill farm monitoring the skies around the Radnor Forest. The spheres not only fired mysterious rays but sent out smaller versions of themselves, which he believes performed the grisly experiments.

He said: "The technology involved in these attacks is frightening. These lights and spheres are clearly not ours. "They are built by technology and intelligence that's not from here."

Phil said the UFOs like to roam a specific 50-mile "corridor" between Shrewsbury and Powys. But Dartmoor and the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire are other hunting grounds. Sheep have been found with neat holes and their brains and other internal organs removed. Others have lost eyes or had their flesh carefully stripped away, usually on the left side. Phil said of his team: "We've devoted our lives to carrying out serious research into the animal mutilation mystery and its connections to the increasingly reported sightings of red and orange spheres."


So now you know where you shouldn't raise sheep. Or where you should go to meet super-hot lizard ladies who can fill you with bliss. Either way.

via The Sun