UFOlogists declare 2011 "the year of the Orb"

Over at UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock, the UFO experts have put together an end-of-year feature about why 2011 was the year of the Orb. Above, you can see one of several videos they've posted to illustrate their point. This particular video was filmed by an "Orb caller," whose commentary track must be heard to get the full lowdown on my favorite new UFO feature, known as "molecular plasma."


So why is this the year of the Orb? Here's what the UFO Disclosure folks have to say:

While it's been buried deep within the history of UFOlogy - it's now becoming much more apparent that Orbs recur in certain locations and sometimes even `come' or shine on command - some folks doing this mentally while others are via contact lights such as lasers. Orb callers who have orbs splitting and merging before the video camera.

Indeed Orbs that do all the things that the UK government paper above says they do. AND MORE. In fact, `the Jerusalem Orb' original videos of the dropping Orb [embedded below] - and the TV coverage given within the first week - changed somewhat the coverage of UFOs since then.

Indeed, compared to the alleged HUGE increase in UFO reporting to MUFON in 2011 and other quarters, the media has almost kept their mouth totally shut . . . since the Jerusalem Orb Drop. That even included ignoring the amazing spate of reports in the Lee's Summit area of Missouri - that included more than `just an orb'. Indeed, the lack of MSM interest of the on-going nature of many anomalous sky events is incredible to those even casually following the reports.

See, now that's clarified for you, isn't it? Skip on over to UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock to read more detailed explanations and check out more orb video weirdness!


Dr Emilio Lizardo

Meanwhile, Dr Emilio Lizardo has christened 2011 "The year of the out of focus, shaky-cam streetlight."