Britain's minister for culture doesn't like the scary stuff he finds on the internet when he searches for his secret perverse fantasies, so he's hoping to work with Obama to create ratings for websites.

Andy Burnham wants the US and UK governments to work together to police the internet to keep it safe for kids. In addition to his brilliant ratings idea, he also wants to force ISPs to offer services that only serve kid-friendly websites and "take-down times" that require sites to remove "harmful" content in a designated time period.


Beyond the obvious logistical problems here (Who rates the websites? What websites would assent to this? Where's the line between kid-friendly and kid-unfriendly?), this is clearly an attack on freedom of speech rights. Luckily, I'm pretty sure the chances of pro-net-neutrality Barack Obama agreeing to these idiotic plans are slim to none, so we'll just let Burnham talk all he wants. As long as they stay on his side of the pond, he can say whatever he likes. [Reuters]