Ultimate Lock Picker Cracks Medeco High Security Deadbolts In Minutes

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The folks at Wired have taken a peek into the life of one Marc Weber Tobias—a man that obsessively pits himself against the toughest physical security systems that modern technology can muster. Unfortunately for manufacturers, Tobias hasn't found a lock that he can pick, crack, or bump.

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As you can see in the video, Tobias and another security expert by the name of Tobias Bluzmanis were able to take out several high-security Medeco3 locks without so much as breaking a sweat. Impressive for sure, but the real problem is that Tobias makes the how-to of his lock-breaking public—all under the pretense that his work "makes shit better." That may be true, but there is no doubt that he takes a joy in the work that is...well damn near criminal. Check out Wired for the full story. [Wired]