Ultimate Wall-E Robot Being Brought to Life by Disney, Thinkway Toys

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Disney is teaming up with Thinkway Toys to make Wall-E into a real robot. The toy, titled Ultimate Wall-E, will retail at a stonking $189.99 and will ship this summer. The robot will feature 10 motors for movement, remote control, programming mode and obstacle, sound and touch detection sensors for basic environment interactions.

The collaboration between the big, bad and evil fun-loving kid's entertainment company and Thinkway Toys and others, including WowWee, will further result in a whole host of Disney characters being reincarnated as a scary, robotic army. Next on the list is Tinkerbell, and this time she really flies. The new toys will be showcased at the upcoming Bay Area Maker Faire and, to be honest, we're a little scared they may all corrupt and attempt to take over the world. You have been warned. [Gearlog]