Ultraportable MacBook to Carry Optical Drive in its Belly?

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Every Mac fan has been craving for a successor to Apple's 12-inch PowerBook, but one of the big problems when making an ultraportable (aside from keeping the right size/power balance) is where to stuff that optical drive. Well, it looks like Apple's found an unlikely spot—the laptop's belly. That's right, rather than cram a drive on the side, Apple has filed patents that show a laptop with an optical drive located on the notebook's bottom. That may not seem intuitive at first, but it does free up space on the sides for other possible ports and goodies. I kinda like the idea (even if it'll require some getting used to) cause I'd rather have a hard to reach optical drive on my newly minted ultraportable MacBook than no optical drive at all. What do you guys think? Good idea or dud?
Thanks, Staska!


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I don't know if the idea is good or not, but it is a safe bet they did not need to patent it. What company would look at this idea and go "Wow, what a great idea - let's put the CD drive where it is impossible to access. Brilliant!"

Or, maybe this is a plot by Apple to see how stupid the competition is. They want to see companies start to do this so they can sit around and laugh at them.