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Unbelievable 2.3 Gigapixel Photo of the Burj Dubai

Illustration for article titled Unbelievable 2.3 Gigapixel Photo of the Burj Dubai

Believe it or not, this is the Burj Dubai. The very end of it, the top of its antenna tickling the sky. It's just a tiny part of this brain-imploding 2.3 gigapixel photo of the largest skyscraper in the world:

Of course, Gizmodo reader Gerald Donovan didn't send the photo itself, as it would have broken the entire internet. He created a video zooming in and out of his image in Photoshop. It's like magic. Or an episode of CSI. I just can't believe the level of detail in this photo. It's stunning to see such a titanic structure in this way.


Click to viewThe largest skyscraper in the world will officially open in 13 days.

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So...anybody found Waldo yet? I still can't find him after like an hour...