Unconfirmed: Retailer Says Xbox 360 Getting Price Cut August 8

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This is all unconfirmed for now, but a retailer is saying the Xbox 360 will get a $50 price cut come August 8. We haven't seen any pricing rumors since E3, where everyone thought the 360 was going to lower its price to match the PS3's "price cut," but that didn't happen. Peter Moore told us that they knew the PS3 was going to have a "price drop" for months now, which was obvious to them by looking at manufacturers and the supply chain. However, the "price drop" wasn't enough to jump-start the 360 camp into lowering theirs as well. Why now?


Here are some of the reasons we can think of.

• It's almost two years since the launch, which is about the time when most consoles make their first price drop.
• The 360 is selling fairly poorly, down 61% comparing the fourth fiscal quarter of 2006 to the fourth fiscal quarter of 2007 (Q4 fiscal is summertime for Microsoft).
• They want to differentiate themselves even more, pricewise, to the PS3. And lower themselves into the Wii-pricetag space. A $249 price for the Core would be doing just that.
• They can. Prices for parts have gone down since launch, so they're able to make the same consoles much more cheaply.

[HollywoodReporter via Kotaku]


We can beat up on them all we want for the 3 rings of death, but that doesn't change the fact that no other next gen system comes even close to matching the quality software selection or the online functionality of the 360. Not even close. The 3 rings of death certainly suck, and they are inexcusable, but at least there is recourse (the 3 year warranty). Bottom line: if you want the best in next gen console gaming, especially online play, there's no other choice that measures up. The PS3 may be that other choice "some day", but right now it's not. Whining about the 3 ROD won't change that.