United Airlines CEO Promises They're Working on the Shitty Wifi

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Airline seats are getting smaller, the wifi sucks, and you’re pissed to even get on a plane. But the airlines hear you. At least that’s what they’re saying.


The CEO of United Airlines, Oscar Munoz, sat down with ABC News for an interview that aired this morning. It was at times more honest than usual for the head of a major U.S. corporation and Munoz acknowledged that passengers are “pissed at the world” by the time they sit down for a flight. Munoz also said that United simply can’t make the seats very much smaller, which should be a huge relief to Americans.

But what about that wifi?

“It’s complicated technology,” Munoz told ABC News. “We will fix that, and, frankly, we would stop a lot of our growth if we could just stop and find the right provider and get that done. That’s how important wifi is to us and to our customers.”

You can watch the interview below or over at ABC News.

The one question we wish ABC News reporter David Kerley had asked? What is United Airlines going to do with the 14 Boeing 737 Max planes that are currently grounded and the 171 Boeing 737 Max planes that it has on order? [Update: ABC News reporter Jeffrey Cook emailed Gizmodo to let us know that this interview was taped on March 7, before the Boeing 737 Max planes were grounded worldwide.]

[ABC News]

Correction: This article originally said that United Airlines had 71 Boeing Max planes in its fleet. It currently has 14 Boeing Max planes and 71 more of the Max-9s are on order. United has 171 total Max planes (both 8 and 9) on order. Gizmodo regrets the error.


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Would they just hurry up and declare bankruptcy, so Delta can gobble them up, and I’ll finally be a million miler for Delta.

Nothing like having your miles split across three airlines. 500K on Delta, 600K on United, and 500K on American. Thanks to travel for company that went with cheapest fair.