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Unwind at Tatooine's New Eco Spa

Dar Hi, an eco spa opening in the Tunisian village of Nefta, looks kind of like Luke Skywalker's Uncle's place after an extreme home makeover. Which is fitting, because its just a short walk from where George Lucas filmed Tatooine.


Designboom visited and photographed the exclusive spa and retreat, as well some of A New Hope's Tatooine sets which are still standing today. Dar Hi might be a bit more colorful than the Lars Homestead, but the desert surrounding isn't any less dusty. [Dar Hi via Designboom]

Music: Kevin MacLeod

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Sadly, most of what's left of the original sets are so swamped by people trying sell you knick-knacks, trinkets and guided tours that it makes the whole thing pretty unpleasant. The abandoned Roman ruins, or just some time out in the desert, is much nicer.