Illustration for article titled Up Close and Personal Time With Cellphones Bricks Nissan I-Keys

If you have an I-Key from a 2007 Altima or Infiniti G35 jangling around in your pocket, don't let it snuggle up to your cellphone. Apparently incoming and outgoing calls have the nasty potential to switch up or wipe out the I-Key's internal code, leaving you with a sweet-looking but useless hunk of metal.

A new version of the I-Key that's hopefully less bricktastic around everyday objects won't come out until the fall, but you can get a new key from your dealer if you render yours stupid since they can't be reprogrammed. Until then, it might be a good idea to keep AAA's number handy.


Nissan warns U.S. cellphones can disable car keys [Yahoo!]

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