(UPDATE) iPod Nano Spy Shots Show Fat, Big-Screened Nano

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[Update: Apple asked us to take down their art, so it looks it may be absolutely real. The horror.] 9 to 5 Mac has a couple follow-up spy shots of the iPod nano resdesign we posted about last weekend. If these are real, then it confirms the fat nanos that have a giant screen on the top half (which supposedly plays videos) and the scroll wheel on the bottom half. And it confirms those colors we talked about earlier as well. It also confirms that these nanos are kinda ugly and fat. [9to5mac]




oviously fake, look at the ipod's shadows, they are incongruent between them and between the supposed light source. that is in the center.

look at this picture, the red arrows show the actual shadows directions and the green the what should be the correct shadows acording to that light source.