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After a quick download of the Motorola Q software and firmware update yesterday, we loaded it on our Q here with little incident. After a quick firmware flash, the software update revealed a slightly new interface, with four icons abreast instead of three. The best news is the Motorola Q operating system seems to work much better, with less crashes and noticeably faster speed, plus there's a more-stable implementation of push email. Now if Verizon could just get its shit together with its email server software, which was down for the count all night last night, this Q would be almost vindicated.


We only wish we would have backed up all of our mods and apps on the Q with Sprite Backup as our astute commenter SnowBoss recommended yesterday. It took us a while to get everything back to normal, but to answer another question, the contacts and appointments calendar were rapidly restored with a quick ActiveSync.

And yes, you can now use the Q as a EVDO modem, but it'll cost you $15 a month. Dang. We thought after paying $45 a month for "unlimited" broadband, Verizon wouldn't be clipping us for even more. Clueless Verizon notwithstanding, bravo, Motorola. Maybe the Q is not so bad after all.

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