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Upgrade your Core Duo Macbook to 802.11n

Illustration for article titled Upgrade your Core Duo Macbook to 802.11n

So Apple's new N-based Airport Extreme is ridiculously fast, and yes almost every Intel based mac is ready to try out these insane wireless speeds. But what if you're one of those unfortunate MacBook Core Duo owners that is stuck in 802.11g land?


Well we've found you a step by step guide to mod your MacBook to be N compatible, so that you too can reap the benefits of the new Airport Extreme. The general method will work on a MacBook Pro also, but this guide is designed for the MacBook. Also we haven't gotten to try it out ourselves yet, so let us know how your results end up.

How to Upgrade a Core Duo-based MacBook to Support WiFi 802.11n [HardMac]

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the card is only available via authorized resellers.. apple considers it not feasible to let users handle the surgery...

i switched the card in my mbp in 20min...

i got the MA688ZM/A @ gravis mannheim, germany. €49,95. they had it in stock to my amazement...

installation was ok, a little difficult to fiddle with the antenna connectors...

immediately after the install the card was recognized and the 802.11 a/b/g/n capabilities were displayed.

i had the enabler installed before i installed, and @ first i seen a cap on downloads @ 4mbit. i reinstalled from the 21.5MB dmg with all the APX apps and the enabler, after that the speeds were ok.

in my APX(old white station) in 802.11g are around 3.6MB/sec. i have 16mbit(2MB/sec) DSL. so i have no way of getting to the limit of 802.11g. i maxed that connection out with the old/new wifi card. i had a friend over with this mbp C2D and we did wifi to wifi and ethernet to wifi tests, thruput on wifi to wifi was 3.6MB, ethernet to wifi was 3.6MB to. oddly enuff was that the C2D mbp haad slower upload speeds in the LAN than me, i uploaded to him @ 100% 802.11g speed, but he could only upload to me @ 75%., this test was done vice versa, ethernet and wifi combinations. it seems that there's a bug with the s/w/firmware on the atheros hardware, the broadcom in my mbp CD seems to work faster than his.... very odd...