US Army Rail Gun Fires for the First Time

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Not to be less than the US Navy, the Army has tested their own electromagnetic rail gun, firing several times at Dugway Proving Grounds. Manufacturer General Atomics calls it Blitzer. I call it Hey Enemy Tank, You Have Been Blended.

Blitzer will continue testing through 2010, until they fire "tactically relevant aerodynamic rounds." That means shells designed to obliterate enemy tanks, bunkers, and anything that moves on the ground. Looking at it, I can't help but to think on Cowboy Bebop and Spike's Swordfish II fighter. Just imaging General Atomics mounting an optimized model in an oversized version of their Reapers. [General Atomics via Popsci]

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Oh ho ho. It won't be long before we can protect ourselves from Transformers invasion. #blitzer